Procurement & Timetable

The Council will appoint its chosen partner through an OJEU regulated Competitive Dialogue procedure.

Parties wishing to express an interest will be provided with a Selection Questionnaire (SQ) with associated tender documents and supporting information. The Selection Questionnaire should be returned no later than 11am on the 12th September 2017.

The Council will evaluate completed SQs received from interested parties following which up to 5 compliant Applicants will be shortlisted and issued with an Invitation to Participate in Dialogue (ITPD), which includes an Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS).

At Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS) tender stage, Bidders will be provided with further information that expands on the information provided at SQ Stage. Following receipt of ISOS tender submissions and ISOS evaluation, up to 3 shortlisted Bidders will be invited to continue dialogue to final tender stage (ISFT).

Dialogue meetings are planned for ISOS (one session) and final tender (three sessions) stages and will cover the developments and understanding of Quality, Commercial and Legal including dealing with any issues or clarifications. At ISOS stage Bidders will be provided with the outline planning decision and a full draft Development Agreement.

Upon the close of the four dialogue meetings an Invitation to Submit Final Tender (ISFT) will be issued. Following submission and evaluation of the Final Tender, a Preferred Supplier will be awarded the contract subject to standstill period and internal Board sign off.

Full details of this procurement process is outlined within the SQ documentation package.

StageActivityKey Dates


Issue Contract Notice06/07/17
Issue SQ06/07/17
Launch Event20/07/17
SQ Submission Deadline12/09/17
SQ Evaluation26/10/17

Invitation to
Participate in
Dialogue and Submit
Outline Solutions

Issue ITPD27/10/17
First Dialogue Period13/11/17 – 17/11/17
Developers Submit
Online Solutions
Evaluation & Short Listing18/01/18 – 28/03/18
Issue Invitation To
Continue Dialogue
Second Dialogue Period12/04/18 – 18/04/18
Third Dialogue Period25/05/18 – 14/06/18
Fourth Dialogue Period29/06/18 – 19/07/18
Close Of Dialogue20/07/18


Issue Invitation To Submit Final Tenders20/08/18
Final Tender Deadline10/09/18
Evaluation11/09/18 – 31/10/18
Selected Developer Confirmed
& Standstill Letters
09/11/18 – 23/11/18


Contracts Signed30/11/18